Eating in China

Different cultures frequently have different expectations of behavior and one place we see this is at meal time.  How people eat, sitting in chairs or on the floor can be one difference.  The Chinese usually sit at round tables. It is good manners to wait for the guest of honor or the oldest person in your group to sit down.  You should also wait to start eating after they begin.

The types of utensils used can also vary. Chop sticks are used for eating in China but many places have forks or spoons to use if you can’t handle yours. I sent a set of chop sticks with your box so you could learn how to eat using them. Here is a VIDEO you can watch to learn how.

Table manners can vary from country to country.  Here is a WEBSITE about manners when eating in China.  I thought is was very interesting that tapping on the table with your first two fingers is a way to say thank you after someone adds more tea to your cup or brings something to you. The server will stop pouring tea or drink when they see you tap the table.

It is not good to stand your chop sticks straight up and down in your food.  This reminds them of death as sticks (incense) are stuck straight up and down in a pot of rice on the altar at funerals.

The cooks chop up food into bite size servings so knives are not needed.  The Chinese don’t use knives during meals.  You probably wouldn’t find salt and pepper on the table either. They do use soy sauce to flavor foods sometimes. The Chinese usually don’t eat sweets for dessert.  Fortune cookies are a tradition used in America following the meal when eating at a Chinese  restaurant but are not served in China.  They eat fruit or have tea following the meal instead.


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