From a Worm to Silk


You should receive your silk sample and cocoons this week. It took a long time to get the cocoons in. I found them for purchase as a beauty product. They say to put them on your finger after soaking them in water and then use to cleanse the face.  I bought them for you so you could see what they look like.

The Chinese learned to use the silk from the cocoon to make a very fine material called Silk. Watch how this process works.   It is fascinating.


The trade of silk began nearly 200 years before the birth of Christ.  The trade route became very important to many nations. Trade not only allowed the exchange of products, it provided for exchange of ideas and culture.  The  SILK ROAD  holds a significant part of history.  I hope in the years to come you learn about the Silk Road and the impact of this discovery on the world.


Author: terrisloanclark

I am Nanna to my Grandchildren, mom, wife, sister, daugher, physical therapist and friend.

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