Many snakes are found in Africa.  Some are VERY big.

Top 4 Most Dangerous Snakes in Tanzania:

Black Mamba

Green Mamba

Egyptian Cobra

Puff Adders

Many different snakes can be seen at the Meserani Snake Park, located in Arusha, a city situated in northern Tanzania.  Over 45 snakes are kept there.

I sent a BLACK MAMBA in your box.  The most poisonous snake in Africa, the bite has enough venom to kill 15 men. After bitten, a person has only about 20 minutes to live.  This is a big problem for people in Africa as most live very far from medical care. The  bite, known as the “kiss of death”,  kills over 20,000 people a year.

It is Africa’s longest and fastest snake.   It can reach up to 4.3 meters.  1 meter = 3.28 feet.  How many feet are in 4.3 meters?  If you laid the snake’s head at your front door and stretched it out into your home, where would the tail end?

It can move up to 20 kilometers per hour. In the USA we measure speed in Miles Per Hour or mph. There are 1.6 kilometers in 1 mile.  If it can travel 20 kilometers an hour, how fast is that in miles per hour?  An average man can run 15 miles per hour.  The fastest man in the world reached a speed of 28 mph.  Could the fastest man in the world outrun this snake?  Email me if you figure it out –

There are few enemies of the Black Mamba but one of them is the Mongoose. Watch this video to see a battle between the snake and Mongoose.

I was really surprised to learn that this snake can live as long as you have lived thus far.  One in captivity can live over 20 years. Imagine that: A snake that hatched from the egg when you were born won’t die until you are in college!  Isn’t that amazing?

If you are interested to learn about how to make an antivenom you an read this.  I really liked the article.  I was really amazed to hear about the man who “milked” up to 100 snakes a day!



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