I think you will enjoy watching this 20 minute Video of a climb up the highest mountain in Africa – MOUNT KILIMANJARO.  The mountain has three volcanic cones that are dormant.  The most recent eruption was about 200 years ago.  There is an ash pit that is 300 meters deep as a result.

There are glaziers at the top of the mountain.  They have been there since 1600s and have been slowly melting since then.  They are expected to be gone in 30 more years or so.

I am amazed at how greatly the landscape changes in just 6 days of walking up this mountain.  You start climbing in the Rain Forest and you end up above the clouds where you don’t see trees or grasses anymore.  The people climbing it have to prepare for the thinner air at the top.  As you watch the video you will hear them speak of acclimation climbs.  Those are to get the body accustomed to the thinner air (less oxygen at higher levels).

I also found it fascinating that the porters wait to be picked by the climbers at the start of the climb.  They carry up to 30 kilograms. (One kilogram is equal to a little over 2 pounds) Each porter carries this weight up the mountain so the climbers don’t have to.  I read that the porters get about $10 a day.  Here is a Site if you want to learn more about them.


Author: terrisloanclark

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