Rare? Tree Climbing Lions

Well, who knew – cats climb trees!  At first I saw articles talking about a RARE tree climbing lion.  Now I see that they really aren’t so rare.  It seems that when one lion climbs a tree the other lions try it.   This article gives more insight into why they might be climbing trees.

This website has good information about the Serengeti National Park where we might see tree climbing lions.  This park is HUGE!  In fact it is 1.5 million ha (hectares,  1 hectare is about two and a half acres)

People go there to watch the Great Migration.  The animals move in mass to get to better water and the Wildebeests to the birthing plain where more than 8,000 babies are born every day!   They say when the 2 million Wildebeests run across the plains you feel the earth vibrate.  The heat makes the air shimmer.  Dust settles on everything.  Flies bother everyone and every animal.  I watched several videos trying to decide which one would give you the best feel of what it would be like to be in the middle of all this awesome activity.  I chose this one because it didn’t show as much animal killing.  I know that all animals have to eat but I just hate to watch the kill.  If you don’t mind seeing it, you can search youtube videos about the migration in Serengeti National Park.

I sent you a compass.  I did so because I wanted to emphasize that much of this country is enjoyed not through road maps but by direction and distance.  Did you learn how to use your compass?  I will post something about compass use in a day or so.



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