Eating in Tanzania

(Above Photo:By Paresh Jai from Nairobi, Kenya – Ugali & Sukuma WikiUploaded by Common Good)

The white substance in the photo above is called Ugali.  It is made of very finely ground cornmeal boiled in water.  People in Tanzania use this as an eating utensil.  They take off a piece, roll it into a ball and put an indention into it.  They scoop up other foods with it, always using the right hand.

You are expected to wash your hands before and after a meal.   Meals are usually taken sitting on the ground, often from a communal bowl or platter.

The people of this beautiful country eat many of the same dishes found in other parts of Africa but dishes including coconut and/or bananas usually originate from Tanzania.  Zanzibar – the islands off mainland Tanzania are known for spices.  A blend of Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg and Black Pepper is an important part of many of the dishes eaten here, giving them a unique flavor.



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