Quick overview of Southern Ireland as a tourist.

I looked at several youtube videos in attempt to give you a little flavor of Ireland and felt this one was really good. There are places in every country that are favorites of tourists and we wouldn’t want to miss them. I was just amazed at the places to see that are centuries of years old.

I went to Europe when I was 18 years old. The USA had just celebrated its 200 year anniversary. I remember going through a church  and the guide told us that it had taken over 200 years to finish building the church. Imagine that! Ireland has castles that are VERY old.  Some were built nearly 900 years ago.

Notice the narrow streets in the villages of Ireland. The towns began when they didn’t have cars and adapting to automobiles when the buildings are made of stone is much more difficult. Did you notice the side of the road the cars drive on?

Notice how there aren’t very many trees in Ireland? I read an interesting article that explained why but to put in the most simplistic form – much of the land was needed for farming. Today Ireland has one of the lowest levels of forest cover (10%) than any other country in Europe. They call the country “The Emerald Isle”. If you can’t figure out why, Google the definition of Emerald.




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