Music in Ireland

You received a Tin Whistle, sometimes called the Penny Whistle, in your travel box.  I hope you like the sounds you can make with it and enjoy learning how to play it.  I love music and am sharing information about the music in each country because I believe it is an important way for people to express their cultural differences.

When I think of Irish music, I think of Riverdance.  This was a dance company that traveled and entertained crowds for years performing what is called Irish hardshoe. Watch this for a taste of a Riverdance performance. Here is a video to show you how to perform some of those moves.

Of course there are modern interpretations of more traditional Irish music. This article includes samples of Celtic Rock.  A cool modern twist on the hardshoe dance can be seen here.  This group of girls are awesome and showed their stuff on BRITAINS GOT TALENT. The dancing starts at the 48 second mark and ends before the 2 minute mark. If your wifi isn’t fast enough to display this, I hope you can find a spot sometime to watch it.

Musical instruments can vary from culture to culture.  Traditional Irish musical instruments include harps, accordions, bag pipes, the fiddle, and an unusual percussion instrument with a drum head made of goat skin.  This site shows these types of instruments and more.

In our virtual trip, I imagine that we wandered the streets of Ireland, the air filled with the smell of burning peat and the sounds of joyous Irish music coming from the many pubs along the brick streets.

Ah.. the Burning Peat…..maybe we learn about that tomorrow!

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