No Snakes in Ireland!

You wouldn’t blame the people of Ireland for being very afraid of snakes.  They don’t have a reason to learn about their habits, the differences in a poisonous snake and a nonpoisonous snake or how to avoid them. That is because there aren’t any snakes in Ireland.

The Legend is that Saint Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland. We know that isn’t really true because there never were any snakes there. Ireland is located in an area that is not the best for a cold blooded creature.

There are warm blooded animals and cold blooded animals. The warm blooded animals are able to regulate their body temperatures. When it is hot, they have a mechanism for losing heat to cool down. Humans sweat. Dogs pant and lose heat off their tongue. Here is an article that talks about  “Eight Weird Ways Animals Keep Cool”.  Warm blooded animals must heat their bodies when they are in cold areas. To do this they must eat a lot so they have energy storage to generate heat.

Cold blooded animals like snakes don’t regulate their body temperature. They take on the temperature of the environment around them. If it is cold outside a snake will move very slowly. If it is warmer the snake will move more quickly. That is why we don’t worry about snakes so much in the winter.  Ireland is in a cold area. Long ago, in the Ice Ages, Ireland was extremely cold and then later the glaziers kept the area blocked from creatures that could sliver over.

Here is another really good article explaining how some animals control their temperature.  I find this all fascinating!  Don’t you?



Author: terrisloanclark

I am Nanna to my Grandchildren, mom, wife, sister, daugher, physical therapist and friend.

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