Why do some sheep have paint on them?

When I think of Ireland I think of sheep and the speciality dogs that herd them.  I was not aware until recently that it is not uncommon for sheep to have paint on them.  I learned that there are several reasons that this is done and that they use a special type of paint or crayon to do this.

Farmers mark the sheep to indicate the ones that have been vaccinated or that need to be watched due to an injury.  They may mark them to remind them of the ones that are pregnant.  The colors are not standardized, each farmer choosing the colors they wish.

Some farmers paint their sheep to discourage stealing.  It would be hard to get away with stealing someone’s bright orange sheep!

And then there are some that just do this for fun, like for a town event.  Of course those make the best photos.

Here are couple of photos I found of colorful sheep.  I feel sure this was for fun.

Author: terrisloanclark

I am Nanna to my Grandchildren, mom, wife, sister, daugher, physical therapist and friend.

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