Wildlife in China

When most people see a panda they think of China.  A trip to China wouldn’t be complete without visiting some of them.   There is much to learn about Pandas and if you wish to know more Click here.

Of course there are other types of wildlife to be admired in this big country. To learn more about them Choose this site.


If you want to see Pandas on a Panda cam.  (Please note that there is more than one camera available on this site.  You will see photos of different animals and more than one panda on this page.  Click on the picture and then go up to the “Play button” on the screen above.  That will allow you to see the chosen camera.)   Here is the link

If you want to see a longer video ( 45 minutes) about Pandas you can watch This.

Car Race in Shanghai

I know some of you really like cars!  I found that Shanghai hosts Formula One racing.  You may have noticed a picture in your photo album that showed you were there.  It must have been a lot of fun.  Here is the link to the Race Track.  Look at how much of the track can be seen from the stands.

You may have also noted a photo of you at a car show in China.  China has some car companies that you may be interested in.  Do a search on the internet for cars made in China.  If you can’t find them, just ask me and I will help.


Writing your name in Chinese

Chinese writing looks so very interesting.  This is a link to ancient scripts.

布里安   – this is how you write Bri (closest I could come up with on this site was for Brianne)

达米恩  – this is how you write Damien

埃利亚斯 – this is how you write Elias

Here is where I found out how to write your name in Chinese.

There are sites on the internet to teach you how to write the Chinese characters.  If you are interested see if you can find them.  If you can’t find them just ask me and I will help you locate them.


CHINA – Some transportation we can use to get around in China.

I found that you can find youtube of landings into different airports.  This one is a nice landing into Shanghi airport – beautiful sunny day. – Click on : Landing at Shanghai   to see the landing.

There is a very fast train in China. You can click on this link –  information on high speed train. but  click on this to see what it is like to ride on it.


The World is big and filled with wonderful places to see, great food to eat, and people to meet. I want to take Elias, Damien, and Bri to some of these places this year. Each month or so you will each receive a box with gifts from the place we visit. I will share with you some of the most interesting facts I found and tell you how we have to get around. Please share with me your thoughts as you explore with me.